Monday, December 12, 2011

Las Vegas Concert Photography: Rise Against

10 minutes.  That's about, on average, how long I've got as a concert photographer to get my shots.  For some strange reason, concert photographers are normally bound to a three song rule, which means that we're only allowed to shoot the first three songs and then we must leave the photo pit.  So the average length of a song is somewhere in the 150 seconds range, multiplied by 3, equals approximately 10 minutes.

When I recently photographed Rise Against at the The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel, 10 minutes felt like 10 seconds! These guys have so much energy that the first three songs had past in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  And yet I had managed to capture 500 pictures!  I vaguely remember hearing their hit song, "The Good Left Undone," amid all the jumping around on stage, the frenzied fans, and the awesome sounds of Rise Against rocking the joint (no pun intended), but other than that, the whole photo shoot was mostly a blur, with only the images in my camera to clue me in as to what I had just experienced.

This is one show I wish I could have really experienced, as opposed to being consumed by the mania of rapid time compression.

Pics from the show:

Rise Against

Rise Against

Rise Against

Rise Against

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  1. Great work, again, Wayne!

    I'm with you - and I don't understand it at all - the 3 song rule is antiquated and ridiculous. No bands I have ever spoken with know why either. It's just the industry standard for managers. They boot out the best photo talent and the best photo gear in the building after 3 (usually while a band warms up), while the smart phones and sub-$100 point and shoots get all the sweaty action & emotion.

    Luckily, pros like yourself get great shots like these. I'm kicking myself for not going to this show after seeing these great shots!