Sunday, December 18, 2011

Las Vegas Concert Photography: The Nines

The local music scene!  Every city has one.  It's the reason the various dive bars in any given town exist.  Granted, certain bars do gain a cult like following—probably the result of some delicious libation with a rather foul name, like the pretty darn tasty Ass Juice served up at the Double Down Saloon here in Las Vegas.  Regardless of a dive bar's source of popularity, the local bands and the dive bars maintain an almost symbiotic relationship—each benefitting from the other.

Sometimes a local band is really, really good; conversely, sometimes, not so good.  I've seen bands take the stage and have been blown away—wondering why they're not on the radio yet.  I've seen bands take the stage and have been blown away—wondering who, in their right mind, would book such an awful act.   Most of the time, in a situation where the band sucked, it really wasn't the band as a whole.  It was the lead singer.  They either had no stage presence, or couldn't sing, or they suffered from the unfortunate combination of both.

But this weekend, I got to meet a group of guys who have been playing together for many, many years.  They play funk, jazz, soul, blues, and everything in between.  And they're AWESOME!  On Saturday afternoon, the Double Down Saloon hosted The Nines.  Unfortunately, they don't have much of a web presence, with the exception of their MySpace page, so predicting when and where these guys will pop up next is pretty difficult.  But, I highly recommend checking them out if you can find where they'll be performing next.  Order up a bucket of beers, or the cocktail of your choice, sit back, relax, and enjoy some guys who really know how to jam!

Pics from the show:

The Nines

The Nines

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