Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween—Las Vegas Style!

Las Vegas and Halloween.  Picture the worst and chances are you can find it walking around somewhere on the Strip or down on Freemont Street.  But in addition to all the "Oh know you didn't!" costumes, Las Vegas is a great place to see some truly creative individuals who go all-out on a day that encourages creativity and artistry—bringing to life some eye-popping visuals that probably wouldn't be accepted on any other "normal" day.

But Las Vegas also hosts some great haunted houses!  Fright Dome, at Circus-Circus is easily the largest annual Haunted House in town.  There are also some of the smaller, but equally fun venues, such as Freakling Brothers, Bonnie Screams, and The Asylum and Hotel Fear.  If you missed one this year, have no fear, they're here every year!  New on the list, and unfortunately, short-lived, was the adult-themed haunted house at the Green Door.  If you don't know about the Green Door, Google will help fill you in.  I had the opportunity to do some photography work at the haunted house to help with the advertising. While it's certainly not for everyone, what I saw was definitely unique.  The all volunteer cast were a group of dedicated and creative individuals who were looking to put on a good show and give customers a unique experience no other haunted house could offer.  With any luck and hopefully some better advertising, it'll be back next year so that the more adventurous Halloween goers can experience a haunted house—Green Door style.

Some of the extremely "tame" pictures taken at the haunted house:
(TIP:  Click on any image to be taken to galley containing the full set of images)

Green Door Haunted House
Suicide Shower
Green Door Haunted House

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