Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: ExpoImaging's Rogue FlashBender

When it comes to a shoe mount flash, light modifiers seem to be a dime a dozen. I played around with a few before finally deciding that the ExpoImaging's Rogue FlashBender would keep a permanent spot fixed atop my SB800.

There's much to like about the Rogue FlashBender. First off is it's size. It packs perfectly flat so it fits nicely right on top of your gear packed in your camera bag.

Second is it's construction. The back side is made of heavy-duty durable nylon. The white reflective surface is also a very high quality durable material. According to expoimaging, the reflective surface has been tested for neutrality so it doesn't affect color temperature. It attaches to your shoe mount flash via a strong elastic and velcro combination.

Third is how it allows you to twist, bend, and roll it to provide numerous options for light modification.  The FlashBender's ability to contort itself is enabled by rigid, but flexible internal skeleton.  Need some basic diffusion?  No problem!  Just leave it straight up and flat and it nicely throws out a soft, wide, light.  Need a harder light?  Again, no problem!  Just roll it up and form a snoot.  There's a strip of velcro along the side edges for this precise purpose.  And it works!

The numerous ways the FlashBender can be manipulated provide a photographer with many options when it comes to diffusing the light from a shoe mount flash.  I've used mine on Red Carpets, during small venue concerts, and while shooting candids at a large event.  It allows me to place the light where I need it, unlike some other modifiers that throw out omni-directional light, and thereby effectively lowering  flash output.

FlashBenders come in a few different sizes, so think about how you'll be using it before making a decision.  If you're unable to decide on just one, no worries!  ExpoImaging sells a three piece kit, containing the three different options of FlashBenders.  I, personally, went with the small reflector and it suits my needs perfectly. For $34.95, it's one of the best light modifiers you can own for your shoe mount flash!

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