Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Levitating Groom & Groomsmen

Here's a fun picture I took at a wedding this past Saturday.  The Groom and his Groomsmen were a great group of guys who obviously have a lot of fun whenever they get together.  They certainly made my job extremely easy.  All I had to do was take pictures of a bunch of friends having fun together!  

This picture was captured during a high speed burst.  Shutter speed was at 1/350.

Levitating Groomsmen
Levitating Groomsmen

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  1. Weddings all over the country have one thing in common: the groomsmen are never the focus of attention. In fact, they frequently seem to be the least appreciated members of the wedding party. During weddings, people observe how lovely the bride or bridesmaids look. They also chat about how cute the flower girls and ring bearers are, and how endearing it is the kids walked in the wrong direction a few times. The groom is often praised for simply remembering to comb his hair and sport his tuxedo. In contrast, groomsmen are largely ignored.

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